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Includes BOTH Buyer AND Selling REALTOR® Fees
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Full Co-operation

We have full co-operation from all other Brokerages and REALTOR®s.
98.5%* of our sales are by
co-operating Agents representing the Buyer.

Save Thousands

We are the only
discount commission brokerage with

total fees including


Buyer & Seller


Award Winning Service

Medallion Award*

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
showing Board recognition of us as
Top 10% of all Sales, Areas,
Brokers & Agents.

Plus get a 25%* Bonus

Buy with us and we will pay you 25%* of the commission we receive on your purchase.

No strings attached.

*COMMISSION FEES: One Percent Realty Ltd. over $900,000 Purchase Price commission model is 1% of the Purchase Price plus a $950 admin fee + GST. Our under $900,000 Purchase Price commission model is a flat rate of $9000 plus $950 admin fee + GST. Both commission models include both Listing REALTOR® and Selling REALTOR® (Buyer's co-operating brokerage commission) are included. Our brokerage co-operation statistic of 98.5% co-operation is the result of the calculations on the Sold transactions for our brokerage over the past twelve months. 

MEDALLION AWARD: The Medallion Award is an award distinction given by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. It is not a brokerage marketing award.

The Medallion Award is given to the REALTOR®s who have sold the maximum amount of deal transactions specific to the top 10% of all sales received at the Board across all Brokerages, all REALTOR®s, all areas and in all commission models.


25% BUYER BONUS: If you buy with Kate Jackson Personal Real Estate Corporation, we will pay you 25% of the co-operating brokerage commission we receive less the GST payable on the full amount received and also less the deal fee charged by One Percent Realty Ltd. of $450 + GST ($472.50). Payment of our 25% Buyer Bonus is sent via a Certified Bank Draft in Canadian Funds, via registered mail within 30 days of the Completion Date on the applicable transaction. This 25% Buyer Bonus is non-transferrable.

Creating More Demand for Our Listings
With Our Multiple Marketing Advantage™

We create that much needed extra exposure to ensure your listing is top of mind to the surrounding areas.
With our dedicated local and targeted market websites, we ensure your exposure with us is triple what the other guys can offer.
Join the One Percent Partner Program
*More demand is quantified as comparing a listing which is promoted on multiple and interrelated distinct marketing platforms (websites in addition to our Brokerage website), each with their own promotion, analytics and web hits reporting, vs. the typical Agent who primarily markets through one distinct marketing platform (their primary website in addition to their Brokerage website and other MLS® data driven websites that the REBGV publishes data to which all MLS® listings are promoted by.)

Making a Difference in Real Estate

One deal at a time

Kate Jackson, REALTOR®, at One Percent Realty Ltd, Principle REALTOR® at One Percent North Shore and Director of the One Percent Partner Program. Your local area expert, seasoned real estate professional and award winning REALTOR® year after year.


Bringing clients top results and a sense of accountability, regardless of the commission. Putting clients ahead of dollars each and every day. 


Ensuring a stress free real estate experience, we will guarantee you the results you are expecting from our top industry pro.

Kate Jackson


Personal Real Estate Corporation

Director, One Percent Partner Program

Awards Track History

Master Medallion Award



Medallion Award



Medallion Award



Master Medallion Award



Medallion Award



Medallion Award



Kate was at a

traditional commission



no Medallion Awards

2011 - 2013

Our Industry Recognition REGBV Medallion Awards

Find out what makes us stand out from the competition

Kate's rank for 2020 is in the top 2.6% sales of all Agents

In a sea of REALTORS®, what makes us the same?

Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Licensed REALTOR®
BC Real Estate Association Member
​BC Real Estate Council Member
Full MLS
® Access & Exposure
* See details

One Percent Commission

vs. Traditional Model*

Selling Price of $1,000,000

Our commission 1% of Purchase Price plus $950 Admin plus GST


*7% of the First $100,000 plus 2.5% of the balance plus GST


Difference you will save with us:


But how much do you have to earn to be able to pay the traditional commission amount given that we are paying real estate commission fees with after-tax dollars* and the expense is not tax deductible?

Selling Price of $1,000,000 at the Average Income and Tax Rate in BC*

Our commission (as above) at the average income and tax rate in BC*


Traditional commission* (as above) at the average income and tax rate in BC*


The Bottom Line

So how much would you have to earn to save the same savings in after tax dollars* of $19,477.50? The amount we will save you amounts to a third of your entire annual income, before tax.


Our Expertise

Results focus from day one to deal done

What we will do for you:

  • Prepare an intuitive online and private comparative market analysis (CMA) showing the most recent homes that have sold that compare closes to your own. Our CMA also shows your Active competition, and outlines who has failed to sell, and why.

  • Meet with you to get to know your needs, priorities, wish list and timeline.

  • Comprehensive walk-through of your home, highlighting your strengths and making expert recommendations on maximizing your home's value.

  • Recommend a listing price range and inform you about the current market trends, up to the minute, so you will know what to expect from your listing on the market.

Launching for max exposure

Here's how we get you there

What's included?

Our proven support team includes everything from landscapers to plumbers and everything in between. Whatever needs to be done to get your home to market for max exposure, we will give you the right team members for the job.


We will pay for your professional photography, interactive online tours, professional floorplans, custom feature sheets, your strata documents (if required) and of course, all of the marketing costs and MLS® fees associated. 

First class service and nothing but

From the most modest home to the grandest estate, we guarantee our top notch standard of service


Eye-popping white post signage that gets you noticed as well as directional signage in the neighbour to ensure no one gets lost finding your open house.

Professional Photography

Shot by our professional photographers. No matter what season, we will have your listing looking amazing.

Feature Sheets

Professionally designed and printed custom listing flyers kits including everything needed to maximize first impressions.


Professional floorplans to ensure the best impact for marketing your home.

Offers, Negotiation & Closing

Award winning negotiations experience gives you the advantage

After we have attracted offers, we will work to generate more buzz which can often create a multiple offers scenario and a higher sold price for our sellers. We will ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the deal, before the big decisions are made. Our stress-free support will have you in the driver's seat of your deal. 

Sticking with you through inspections, documents review, appraisals and anything else to get you from day one to deal done.

M. Garcia

Saved $7841 in commission fees
Selling with One Percent North Shore in Lynn Valley

"Kate, you made this the easiest and effortless transaction possible because of your guidance. You are an exceptional legacy maker within your service to Realty."

Get the insider's scoop on MLS® solds

Get the power of MLS® data working for you!
See what the homes are selling for on your block and beyond.

Saving our sellers thousands of dollars in every deal,

no strings attached.

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